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Inland Power and Light Administration Building

Location: Spokane, Washington

Description: Construction of a new 26,000 square foot office building, remodel of an existing 24,700 square foot warehouse and construction of a new 7,150 square foot vehicle maintenance facility. The project has the goal of achieving LEED Gold Certification for the Administration Building.

WCG Scope: LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services to include OPR development, design and document reviews, commissioning specifications development, submittals review, commissioning plan development, commissioning meetings and site observations, witnessing contractor start-up activities, installation verification, functional testing with back-checks, TAB verification, issues tracking, O&M manuals review, training verification, project closeout activities, final commissioning report and systems manual development, and near warranty end review.

Owner: Inland Power and Light

Completed: 2010