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Kakuhihewa Building, State of Hawaii

Location: Kapolei, HI

Description:  The Kakuhihewa Building (Kapolei State Office Building) is a 218,280 square foot, six-level office building built in 1998 that houses a variety of State of Hawaii agencies and offices.  The building was selected for retro-commissioning as part of the DAGS retro-commissioning program.

WCG Scope:  The primary goal for this project was to improve energy performance.  Additional goals included evaluating the indoor environmental quality of the spaces and evaluating the overall maintenance program for the building.  The HVAC system consisted of a chilled water plant with two 215 ton water cooled chillers, one 50 ton air cooled chiller, eight large VAV air handling units, eight fan coil units, miscellaneous exhaust fans and 334 VAV terminal units.  The control system for the chilled plant and air handlers is a Trane Tracer Summit DDC, VAV terminals are controlled by pneumatic controls.  Issues:  Through the retro-commissioning process, 57 issues were identified that negatively impacted the operation and energy efficiency of the building.  21 Energy Efficiency Measures were identified that, if implemented, will produce an estimated annual savings of 771,326 kWh and $130,354 (22%), with a totalized payback of about two months.  Taking into consideration the cost of retro-commissioning services, the totalized payback is approximately seven months.

Owner:  State of Hawaii

Completed:  2009