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Educational Facilities

Marysville Getchell High School

Location: Marysville, Washington

Description: New construction of a 190,000 square foot facility for 1,600 students. The facility was designed as a series of four (4) Small Learning Communities (SLC) with a shared common building that provides administration, physical education, cafeteria, and other services.

WCG Scope: Commissioning per Washington Administrative Code to provide T&M Services during the design development phase and full commissioning during the construction phase. Specifically: attend design development meetings; develop the OPR, preliminary commissioning specifications, preliminary and final commissioning plans; energy modeling review and advice; review of DD documents at various stages; submittal reviews; commissioning meetings & site observations; witnessing contractor start-up activities; equipment installation & TAB verification; functional testing with back-checks; issues tracking; O&M manuals review; project closeout activities; and final commissioning report development.

Owner: Marysville School District

Completed: 2011