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Lynnwood Recreation Center

Location: Lynnwood, Washington

Description: Complete renovation of an existing 28,765 square foot facility and an addition of 15,975 square feet for a total of 44,740 square feet. The building included swimming pool and aquatics, locker rooms, office space, multipurpose rooms, fitness space, racquetball and support spaces. The project has the goal of LEED certification.

WCG Scope: LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services to include OPR and BOD and construction document reviews, commissioning specifications development, submittals review, preliminary and formal commissioning plan development, commissioning meetings and site observations, contractor start-up activities and installation verification, functional testing with back-checks, TAB verification, issues tracking, O&M manuals review, trending, training verification, project closeout activities, final commissioning report and systems manual development, and near warranty end review.

Owner: City of Lynnwood

Completed: 2011